Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning for Road Vehicles

When you’re on the road in your caravan, motorhome or horseboxon a sweltering day you’ll no doubt want air conditioning in your vehicle to keep you cool. On days such as those, opening the window to enjoy the open breeze simply won’t suffice. That’s why here at Conrad Anderson we are specialist suppliers and installers of roof mounted air conditioning units for horseboxes, motorhomes and caravans.

Should you own a domestic vehicle like a motorhome or caravan, why not look at our Sinclair air conditioning systems? Our super efficient units are suitable for any vehicle over the length of 7m, complete with internal dimmable lights, on-trend rose gold detail and easy clean filters.

Control the climate on board your boat

Our range of water to air heat pump marine air conditioning units are incredibly effiecient, using the heat available in the water that the boat is floating in to cool or heat the cabins & saloon.  This exciting range of products from Sinclair have got the green energy tick box checked, runs almost silently and require no solid fuel or diesel. If you are looking for an innovative, clean & efficient way of controlling the climate on your vessel, look no further! 

We are continually adding to our range with accessories for a smoother installation, whether from boat build or for retrofit, take a look here.