Air Conditioning

When you’re on the road in your truck, caravan or motorhome on a sweltering day you’ll no doubt want air conditioning in your vehicle to keep you cool. On days such as those, opening the window to enjoy the open breeze simply won’t suffice. That’s why here at Conrad Anderson we are specialist suppliers and installers of roof mounted air conditioning units for trucks, motorhomes and caravans.

We offer a range of roof mounted truck air conditioners including forklift truck air conditioning units by renowned manufacturers such as Waeco. These FreshAir 24 volt air conditioning units are specifically made for heavy duty applications such as mini trucks, cranes, agricultural machinery and other cabin-based vehicles. If you’re looking to keep a pleasant climate in your cab even in the face of changing ambient temperatures, these units are well worth a look.

Should you own a smaller domestic vehicle like a motorhome or caravan, why not look at our caravan air conditioning systems? While our Freshjet units are suitable for any vehicle over the length of 8m, our Freshlight units come with the added benefit of an integrated roof window to keep your motorhome cool, complete with internal dimmable lights and a single-pleated blackout screen for the night time.

For those who would rather have their motorhome air conditioning blowing from their bench or bed locker, why not take a look at our range of under bench mounted van air conditioning units? We can also provide spare domestic DC kits for 12v operation while you’re on the move.