Linnepe Load Carriers

Top quality bike racks and load carriers for installation to motorhomes and RV's.

Increasingly more motorhome owners are traveling with mopeds, scooters or e-bikes. Thus, city and landscape can be fully explored without the need to pack everything away for a simple trip to the shops or a full day trip.

The extra weight of these 2 wheeled wonders is easiest to travel with on a special load carrier. Linnepe has the right solution for every two-wheeled vehicle: load carriers that are suitable as motorbike carriers or roller carriers can be found here as well as bicycle carriers for e-bikes. We offer a wide range of load carriers for the assembly at the rear or smart solutions for the rear garage.

Established in 1969, Linnepe GmbH is a family-run supplier of steel and aluminium accessories for the motorhome and caravan market. But what many don’t know is that Linnepe also provides products for trade, industry and disaster control. Their commitment to ‘made in Germany’ is driven by the devotion to uncompromising excellence and quality, fuelled by highly qualified staff that translate their years of experience into inspired Linnepe products.