E&P Hydraulic Levelling - Caravan Levelling

The E&P hydraulics caravan levelling system sets the benchmark when it comes to levelling your caravan, one of the few automatic caravan levelling systems available on the market. This system is effortlessly able to stabilise a caravan in two minutes flat with its hydraulic jacks, preventing its chassis from rolling when parked and allowing everyone inside the vehicle to remain undisturbed.

This hydraulic caravan levelling system can run both on fully automatic and semi-automatic and is ideal for all types of caravan with a maximum total weight of up to 3.5t. No matter what type of caravan you own, our E&P caravan levelling system will enable you to stay mobile on the campsite.

The E&P caravan levelling system consists of two hydraulic jacks that are installed to the front of the caravan and can be automatically or manually deployed. These hydraulic jacks are operated by a 12-volt hydraulic pump driven by a powerful motor, and can be combined either with the vehicle’s original corner steadies or replaced by brand new hydraulic ‘big-foot’ corner supports.

Our caravan levelling devices can come with the optional extra of a wireless remote control so you can straighten your motorhome at the touch of a button. In case there are any problems, the remote control comes with a manual override function. The E&P hydraulics caravan levelling system also benefits from additional theft protection, so you can have the confidence to leave it be while you’re out enjoying your holiday.

Our caravan levelling devices can only be professionally fitted by Conrad Anderson so why not get in contact with us today? We will happily fit your automatic caravan levelling system for you with our installation procedure included in the price. If you have any questions about our caravan levelling systems please don’t hesitate to ask us.