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Discover Our Horsebox Camera Monitor System

We are proud to offer a sensible and affordable horsebox camera monitor system to horse box owners. Our high-tech system is designed to give drivers of horse boxes real-time, bird's eye views of their surroundings, which means that drivers will access the entire three hundred and sixty degrees of visibility, via access to digital images which are delivered by the camera system.

We believe in this Brigade SafeEye system, as we know that it positively impacts safety! When you choose this system, there will be no more blind spots and you may just save money on the cost of repairing vehicle damage! This versatile unit will work for horse boxes, rigid lorries and refuse trucks and it may be connected to Brigade's MDR Recording system.

Reversing cameras like ours make horse boxes easier to manoeuvre, so they are great investments. We are proud to offer one of the best systems around!

Cool a Horse Box with Our Domestic Freshjet 1700 Air Conditioning Unit

Our horse box air conditioning unit is designed to be mounted on top of a horse box roof and it's equipped with seventeen hundred watts of pure power! This design is ideal for horse boxes which measure six metres in length or less. When you purchase this sensible and highly-rated system, you'll also receive a Freshjet air distribution unit, which ensures that the air conditioner delivers peak performance during every trip.

The A/C unit weighs only twenty-nine kilograms and you may control it via a remote. If you want to, you'll have the option of creating a dual system which makes it possible to create a couple of different climates within a bigger horse box. Our generators and other horse box accessories are specially chosen by our buyers because they work so well.

So, why not order this exceptional horse box air conditioning unit today?

Our HD Oyster Mobile Satellite Internet System Has So Much to Offer

If you want satellite Internet for your horse box vehicle, you'll love our system. This Oyster-brand design makes accessing satellite TV so easy! When you choose this model, you'll be able to get Broadband connectivity everywhere in Europe and you'll love the myriad features that this system offers, including a completely automatic satellite search which includes "auto skew".

This horse box satellite internet unit is compatible with a range of WIFI routers, available on request. When you choose this design, you may download 10Mbps and upload 364Kpbs. Our mobile satellite systems, fuel cells and other horse box accessories are all fairly-priced, so you'll get a great deal when you choose to buy from our company.