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Horsebox Accessories

Cool a Horse Box with Our Sinclair ASV-25A and ASV-35A Air Conditioning Units

Our horse box air conditioning unit is designed to be mounted on top of a horse box roof and it's equipped with seventeen hundred watts of pure power! The choice of units offers high capacity cooling, ideal for horse boxes of any size.

The A/C units start and run on a 6A RCD and you may control it via a remote. If you want to.

So, why not order this exceptional horse box air conditioning unit today?

Our HD Oyster Mobile Satellite Internet System Has So Much to Offer

If you want satellite Internet for your horse box vehicle, you'll love our system. This Oyster-brand design makes accessing satellite TV so easy! When you choose this model, you'll be able to get Broadband connectivity everywhere in Europe and you'll love the myriad features that this system offers, including a completely automatic satellite search which includes "auto skew".

This horse box satellite internet unit is compatible with a range of WIFI routers, available on request. When you choose this design, you may download 10Mbps and upload 256Kpbs. Our mobile satellite systems, fuel cells and other horse box accessories are all fairly-priced, so you'll get a great deal when you choose to buy from our company.