Emergency Services

As emergency personnel it is important that you have all of the functional elements necessary to get to the scene of an accident on time and with minimal hassle. By making sure that you implement different emergency vehicle electronics onto your vehicles, you’ll have a much easier time navigating through streets and getting to where you need to go. Below are just a few examples of unique items that emergency service professionals can use to their advantage of their vehicles.

Emergency Vehicle Generators

You’ll never know when you need access to a source of power and it can be dangerous to rely on the power that you would get from the battery of your ambulance or fire truck. With the help of a generator you can have a sufficient reserve of energy in the event that you need access to power equipment and lifesaving technologies.

Emergency Vehicle Satellite Internet and TV

There’s nothing more important than making sure you’re constantly connected to things that are happening in your immediate area, which is why you should consider satellite internet and TV. Regardless of where you are, you will have access to the news and the latest information from dispatch in the event that your radios aren’t working. It can also be entertaining for emergency personnel while they’re on their break.

Emergency Vehicle Reversing Cameras

As a technology that is commonly integrated into smaller vehicles, reversing cameras enable you to get out of tight positions without having to have someone spot the vehicle while it’s backing up. You will have the ability to stay in the car and see all sides of your vehicle so you can get on your way to the emergency. Reversing cameras are just as convenient as they are important to help save lives.

Power Management Tools

When you think about emergency vehicles, consider all of the energy that they use on a regular basis. From the radios inside of fire trucks to the heart rate monitors in ambulances. With the help of power management tools, you can always make sure that your equipment has a sufficient charge and that enough power is being delegated amongst the electronics.

Solutions for Police, Ambulance and Fire service vehicles

240v Generators
Satellite Internet
Satellite TV
Truma VeGA - LPG Fuel Cell
Efoy - Methanol Fuel Cell
Inverters and Power management
Reversing Cameras