Cruise Control/Speed Limiter - Speed & RPM Limiter (NEW)

Multilimiter: Roadspeed and Engine Rev Limit

With the reliable and proven technology from the Gold Cruise program, Ultrashort payback – Good news for fleet managers.

Technology at your service and those of society
An increasing number of organisations are aware of their social responsibility, searching for ways to contribute to the improvement of the environment. We have therefore employed our knowledge in the field of speed control  and used it in the development of a limiter which works as both a top end speed and RPM limiter. By limiting the speed only it is still possible to unnecessarily over-rev the engine in lower gears. Apart from using significantly more fuel and increasing emissions this achieves very little. The new Mulitilimiter sets the RPM, whether or not combined with a fixed top speed via the CAN-bus.

Multilimiter Configurations
RPM Limiter, with or without limitation on top speed means a much larger saving is possible than limiting of speed alone. This Mulitilimiter can be delivered with 6 different configurations. For instance, with integrated Cruise Control. Naturally we also retain the limiter which only controls the top speed.

Drive to the limt
a.    Fixed Speed Limiter
b.    RPM Limiter
c.    Fixed Speed and RPM Limiter
d.    Cruise Control, Fixed speed limit and RPM Limiter
e.    Cruise control and voluntary speed limiter
f.     Voluntary speed limiter

RPM and Speed Limiter

  • Combined RPM limiter and top-end speed limiter & in-built functionality for Cruise Control and driver set limiter
  • Fuel savings upto 30%** (using Limiter and cruise control combined)
  • Reduced vehicle wear and tear, repairs, servicing, maintenance, claims and emissions
  • Fast ROI – 10 months typically*
  • Vehicle specific - Plug in T-harness and built-in CANBUS makes for a quick and easy installation - no effect on vehicle warranty
  • Available for virtually all vehicles up to 7.5 ton GW
  • Fully TUV tested and approved
  • Contributes towards corporate social and environmental responsibilities
  • Established in 1997 - 17 years’ experience in aftermarket vehicle speed control with excellent in-house technical backup.

*Example based on 15% saving, Ford Transit 350 MWB, 20,000pa mileage
**Based on a 10 week test using a Citroen Relay with mixed motorway and urban miles.

Conrad Anderson are the sole UK importer of Gold Cruise speed control solutions. Established in 1997, offering our customers a wealth of knowledge and experience in aftermarket speed control solutions - providing excellent technical backup and customer service.

This is a brand new product only available through Conrad Anderson - please contact us for information and start to save!