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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Why choose a roof mounted air conditioning unit ?

Very simple: cold air always flows downwards. A roof-top (or cab-top) air conditioner takes advantage of this physical principle. The cold air currents can be distributed inside the vehicle while saving energy without loss of performance. In addition, mounting the unit on the roof requires a lot less effort and outlay than the installation of a fully integrated air conditioner. While the latter only works with the motor running, Dometic offers air conditioning while stationary and - depending on the version - additional air conditioning while driving.

Air distribution outlets:

 Dometic freshjet air distribution outlets

Compressor air conditioners – the super compact size.

Dometic's Freshjet range of roof air conditioners are lightweight, extremely compact and consume very little power. Ideal for smaller motorhomes, caravans and panel vans, they provide efficient cooling even on campsites with low electrical circuit protection.

Dometic Freshjet 2600

Freshjet 2600

Dometic roof mounted air conditioning units maintain a comfortable climate on board – anytime, anywhere. State-of-the-art compressor technology guarantees efficient cooling even in large motorhomes and caravans, and relaxing holidays for you.


  • Compact lightweight design 
  • Additional heating function
  • Intergrated LED lights
  • Soft start easy start up even with low electri cal protection
  • Perfect installation results
  • Lightweight of up to 40kg





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