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Tue, Oct 3rd 2017

Why Mobile Satellite Internet is so useful

Being unable to access the Internet is one of the more frustrating side effects of being on holiday. Depending on your point of view, you might see this as a minor inconvenience worth accepting in order to allow yourself the space for a break. However, you don’t have to settle for this trade-off if you don’t want to!

One of the ways in which you can easily avoid this problem is by installing mobile satellite internet on top of your caravan. Doing this will allow you to access the Internet right from your caravan, no matter whether you happen to be at home or abroad. We are delighted to help our customers do just that here at Conrad Anderson with our satellite Internet for caravans.

You probably don’t need convincing as to the merits of mobile satellite internet but we will try to do that for you anyway! Here are a few reasons why caravan satellite dishes are so useful!

Wide range of data plans

If you urgently need to work while you’re away, it’s essential to have an effective, high-speed connection. Handily, it’s possible to obtain mobile satellite Internet for your caravan with a range of data plans suitable for personal or business use, going up to a lightning fast 20MBPS. Whether you work for a high profile blue-chip company or are just looking to stream some films, the right option is available for you. 

Versatile solutions

Having a dish on top of your caravan may seem like the ideal solution if you own a smaller vehicle. There are mobile satellite Internet solutions which can be installed either onto the vehicle or on the ground, allowing you to pick the option which best suits your individual needs.

Available worldwide

If you are a regular visitor to continental Europe in your camper van it’s tempting to think that Internet might not be available if you travel further afield. However, it is possible to get mobile satellite internet worldwide no matter where you take your motorhome or caravan. That way, you can stay in touch wherever you are.

Back-up systems

Having the Internet go down while you’re in the middle of an important piece of work can be an absolute nightmare. That’s why these mobile satellite Internet solutions often come with 3G or 4G back-up systems in case you need to access the Internet urgently while you are away. With the right back-up system in place, you need never worry about your connectivity letting you down just because you’re away from home.

Contact us!

Here at Conrad Anderson, we can assist you with our mobile satellite internet in the UK to get you set up as soon as possible. If you would like to buy one of our mobile satellite internet packages or book an appointment to have your dish serviced, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’d be delighted to respond to your query and get you booked into our workshop.

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