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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Which Reversing Camera?

The system you choose to buy will depend on a number of factors. Do you require a camera for rear view function as a mirror replacement (CAM44) or as reversing system (CAM50)? Screen size is another factor to consider when choosing a system. Obviously a larger screen makes viewing easier however space within your vehicle will be a consideration. When it comes to reversing monitors you have the choice of 5in and 7in, these are all widescreen in shape. The M5L and M7L are the same in function and quality, the M7LX has 4 camera inputs and ajustable distance markers, the M7L and M5L monitors have 3 inputs.

Camera quality varies.
A host of questions should be asked before choosing the appropriate camera.

Do you require a single or dual camera?
For a single camera you can choose from any of the cameras except the CAM44 which has two lenses one for distant vision and another for close vision. The twin function is the result of two different camera modules integrated into the camera housing. The 140° colour camera module provides optimal (close) vision when reversing. It is complemented by a 40° colour camera module for long-distance vision towards the rear. Using the two lenses the camera provides optimal image quality in either mode.

Another option for a dual vantage point is to have a camera on the rear of the vehicle, for example a caravan might have a camera on the back of the caravan itself or on the vehicle that tows it. A bullet camera could be inserted into the bumper to have a view of the tow-hook. Bullet cameras could also be suspended off the vehicle's mirrors. See our feature on a bullet camera installation: Bullet Cameras Installed into a Motability Vehicle

Do you require a good standard of night vision?
There are two qualities to look out for in an effective night vision system. The CCD picture sensor which is the picture acquisition sensor that functions on a semiconductor basis. It is waterproof and has a choice of diameter size 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 inch. They tend to have high quality and more pixels. Therefore if you have two cameras with the same number of mega pixels but different CCD sensor sizes - the camera with the larger CCD sensor size will be provide an image that is sharper and has less 'noise'.

Cameras use LED's to enhance infrared night vision. CAM50 or CAM44

Which camera systems are most popular with Motorhomers?
We have found that the following systems are most popular with motorhomer owners: the RVS550, RVS750, RVS594 or the RVS794

Which systems are the most popular with Caravanners?
Caravan owners often have two cameras, one that is situated in the car bumper and another mounted on to the rear of the caravan. We have found that the following systems are most popular with caravan owners: the RVS550, RVS750, CAM16 or our number plate camera

Which camera system is most suitable for a car?
We recommend the number plate camera that will fit neatly abve the number plate. It proves very useful when backing onto a tow-hook for caravans and boats.

Do you want to integrate your reversing camera with your satellite navigation system?
This is a very popular request particularly among leisure vehicle drivers. We supply the Snooper range of sat nav systems of which the AVNS9000 (Double Din dashmounted with with 7in screen) unit has a camera inputs. If you want to use your own sat nav system check that it has a camera input and what type of connector it uses.

The CAM50 would be a suitable camera to integrate. The CAM44 can be integrated with a nav system, however it is better to have a second screen so you can see the nav screen and the camera screen simultaneously. It would be wise to have a consultation with one of our sales advisors if you are unsure.

What type of vehicle do you want to fit with a reversing camera system?
Whether you have a car, Leisure vehicle or HGV we recommend the new RVS range of reversing camears, all are 12v or 24v and are available with 5in or 7in monitors. If the camera is required for a heavy duty application - military, plant, mining etc. the heavy duty CAM60 is the camera to look at.

Conrad Anderson can also design a customised camera system to suit very specific needs. We have developed systems for Forklift Trucks, Caravans, Fifth Wheels and Motability vehicles.

Is your camera system required for heavy plant use?
We recommend the RV26HD camera system. This is a heavy-duty system with a space saving 7" LCD colour monitor, sturdy camera with a replaceable rockfall protection screen and non-corroding plug connector. This camera system is for use under extreme conditions.

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