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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Voltage Converters

The perfect link between the on-board battery and consumer.
They combine what was not intended for combination. If the 12-volt navigation system is powered by the 24-volt board battery and the 24-volt fleet management computer easily copes with a 12-volt supply, there’s bound to be a PerfectPower voltage converter somewhere along the line.

In these units, the input voltage is electrically isolated from the output voltage to compensate under- and overvoltage on the input side. Due to this feature, the voltage converters meet the highest demands for voltage stability and operating safety. This makes them ideal for sensitive consumers or use in safety relevant areas, e.g. hazardous goods transport.

PerfectPower voltage converters have an electronically regulated output voltage, to which they owe their extra function as a high quality IU charger. Moreover, several converters can be used in parallel.

For consumers requiring a stable voltage supply.

Ideal for larger motorhomes, vans and yachts with 12- or 24-volt starter battery and 12- or 24-volt supply battery.

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