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Thu, Mar 9th 2017

Preparing your motorhome for the summer’s next big trip is something of great importance, which is often overlooked in busy families – leading to nightmares on the road when we hit those warmer months (finally).

Other than a routine check-up that should be done by your local reputable garage, ensuring that everything is working efficiently before you embark upon any long journeys, there’s a plethora of optional add-ons - from motorhome levelling systems to a new toilet facility.

The Camera Monitoring System

Ensure that your family and possessions are always at their safest, with the implementation of a camera monitoring system for your motorhome. One of the most important aftermarket motorhome systems, installing this method of CCTV will allow you to monitor those who may wander a little too close to your vehicle.

This surveillance is helpful when the motorhome is left for a period in a volatile place, such as a service station in a part of the country you’re unfamiliar with. The Waeco RVS594 5inch Twin Lens Reversing Camera System allows you to keep an eye on your motorhome, whilst also promoting good driving.

The Air Conditioning

With a family of four or more on board, it’s only a matter of time before the interior of your motorhome is going to feel – well – less than fresh. With (hopefully) scorching summer temperatures on the way, it’s vital to keep heat levels down to a minimum, offering a sanctuary for overheating little ones.

The Dometic Freshlight 1600 with Integrated Rooflight is a roof-installation air-conditioning unit, which includes a variety of modern features such as blinds and dimmable lights. Campsite friendly and easily installed to most modern motorhomes, the Dometic Freshlight is a perfect add-on to your beloved vehicle, making all climates easy to navigate.

The Remote Internet Access

If you’ve got teenagers or adolescents in your holidaying party, you’re probably already dreading the chorus of sulks, upon realising that signal will be fleeting on the road. Whether it’s keeping up with those all-important Facebook posts, or keeping up with the girlfriend/boyfriend, there’s a good chance that the internet connection will be your youngster’s biggest priority.

If you’re thinking about motorhome satellite TV and internet installation in the modern age, the HD Oyster Mobile Satellite Internet system will be your best bet for all internet needs. With broadband connectivity throughout Europe, your family can travel further afield without worrying about losing touch with home life.

The TV

We all want the idyllic holiday where you all sit around playing cards and finally cramming in some ‘quality family time’, but unfortunately, we all know too well that it doesn’t always end up like that.

When the kids have exhausted all their new toys and the older ones have lost all their belongings to each other in their makeshift poker tournaments, they’ll hit that terrifying state that every parent fears: boredom.

Once boredom strikes, the Oyster Cytrac DX Vision Satellite TV System will restore some peace and quiet to what should be a tranquil break, allowing for television access with a low-profile antenna.

Whether it’s motorhome cruise control, a new power pack to offer your party motorhome power solutions, or an upgraded VB air suspension installation, contact Conrad Anderson today to bring your motorhome up to speed in time for the summer holidays. 

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