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Fri, Jan 10th 2014

VB Full Air Launches in North America– see one of the first installs on a Mercedes Sprinter 3500 luxury motorhome.

VB Air Suspension branched out into the North American market in May 2013 starting with a selection of Ambulances in Canada.  VB work closely with Mercedes Benz in Europe and now the North American models of the Mercedes Sprinter (known as the Mercedes 3500 in North America) will have the option to add VB Full Air on the rear 2 corners. 

Here is an article about the first installs on those ambulances in Canada.

Further to installation on Ambulances VB FullAIr2C is also available on a standard MB 3500 van or motorhome. A company in Ohio, USA called Advanced RV were one of the first companies to complete an aftermarket installation of full air in the U.S. and have produced a video and very informative blog articles about this installation.  We have some snippets below or to read the full article click here.

"The new air suspension system provides a smoother, more stable ride and increased safety compared with the Sprinter stock suspension. VB-Airsuspension has installed it on more than 10,000 Sprinter vans in Europe. The technology was designed and tested in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, and is covered by Sprinter warranty through their dealer network.

 VB-FullAir is a fully automatic, electronically-controlled air suspension system. It completely replaces the factory Sprinter rear suspension including leaf springs, anti-sway, chassis-axle alignment, and shock absorbers. Electronic control and included compressor–along with height sensors mounted behind the chassis and axle– maintains the same ride height regardless of load. And, it auto-levels the rear of the motor home up to about 6″ differential when parked.

Plus, the system can manually raise the chassis for additional ground clearance (3″, restricted to low-speed vehicle operation) and lower the rear of the motor home about 3″ for easier loading."

Video of install

Advanced RV Installs VB Air Suspension on 2014 Sprinter Chassis from Advanced RV on Youtube


Under chassis of Mercedes Sprinter 3500 with VB air suspension Photo of layout under chassis            

Read the testimonial below based on a drive from Ohio to Florida (over 1000 miles!) talking about performance of the air suspension system. The full blog is here:

Air Suspension System

"I can rave about the new VB air suspension system because it isn’t our design. VB is Dutch company that developed the suspension in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. We are told that Mzungu is the second installation of the suspension system in the U.S., following over 10,000 installations on Sprinters in Europe. Mercedes-Benz dealers will service the VB suspensions.

We worked with VB to have one of their technicians come to our factory in Willoughby, Ohio and install their suspension system on three of our coaches. A company in Alabama near the Mercedes-Benz assembly plant will do all future installations, in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. VB-FullAir is expensive (nearly $7,000 installed), but it significantly enhances the already excellent handling of the Sprinter 3500.

Today’s trip is the perfect test of VB-FullAir. We are traveling on cold, slippery roads, through stiff, gusty winds (sometimes directly on our nose, sometimes quartering head winds and sometimes direct crosswinds). The wind velocities, based on weather reports and judging from flags and stack vapor trails along the way, range from about 16 knots to more than 30 knots. Yet, our crosswind stability is great.

We notice other signs of better stability with the new suspension system, too. If Marcia is up walking back and forth while I am driving, the ride is much smoother. I am obsessed with items rattling inside the coach, and so far have heard nothing. The air suspension system smooths out bumps and we hardly feel potholes and road seams.Mercedes Sprinter 3500 2014

Most impressively, I notice that cornering sway is greatly reduced. In fact, I would say the air suspension eliminates it. In my experience, with factory suspension, there is noticeable cornering sway on Sprinters when transitioning from a road to a driveway or side road; the change in crowns sometimes causes a pitch. This is the only time, when driving Sprinters, I notice that I’m not sitting in a luxury car. With the new suspension system, I find myself cornering much faster and notice no pitching.

The air suspension definitely improves overall handling of the vehicle. Our last 100 miles of driving this first day of the trip are on secondary roads, winding up and down Kentucky and Tennessee hills. I have to consciously slow down because I feel in better control at higher speeds. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 is an excellent handling machine, but the VB air suspension system makes it even better."

Conrad Anderson Ltd are the UK, Midlands dealer for VB Air suspenion and are fully trained to install VB's range of products.  Contact us on 0800 279 0085 for a quote or look at our website for more information.

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