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Thu, Aug 18th 2016

The Top 3 Horse Box Accessories

Below are three of the top horse box accessories that you should definitely consider getting.  Improving the versatility and functionality of your horse box, these solutions will change how you experience your horse box.

1.  The Horse Box Camera Monitor Systems

A monitoring system that is affordable and practical, the Horse Box Camera Monitoring System is designed to give you real time information of the world around you.  The cameras provide you full 360-degree visibility access around your horse box.  This is made possible through a high-tech system that delivers digital images through the camera system.  An excellent option for those looking to remove their blind spots and drive safely, the Horse Box Camera Monitor Systems will put you in control.  Make leaving parking spaces and navigating tight corners straightforward.  Spot and prevent potential accidents before they occur.  Whether it is safeguarding the lives of those around horse box or stopping vehicle damage from ever taking place, you will have an easier time manoeuvring the world around you. 

2.  The Dometic Freshjet 1700 Air Conditioning Unit

The best way to cool your horse box, the Dometic Freshjet 1700 Air Conditioning Unit provides 1,700 watts of pure air conditioning power.  Keeping you cool even during the hottest summer days, this highly-rated system will deliver the peak performance you need during every trip.  Weighing only 29 kilograms and controlled via a remote, you have several different climate control options to choose from.  There is nothing like escaping the heat in the comfort of your own horse box.  With the Domestic Freshjet 1700 Air Condition Unit, you get the power to cool down your cabin whenever you want and make even the most miserably warm days enjoyable. 

3.  The HD Oyster Mobile Satellite Internet System

Simply put, there is no better option for bring entertainment from all corners of the planet to your horse box.  The HD Oyster Mobile Satellite Internet System connects you with the web no matter where you are, allowing you to access satellite TV and broadband.  Including a range of special features, you will be asking yourself how you ever managed to travel without one.  An automatic satellite search ensures that you are locked on to a signal.  In addition, you can get a compatible WIFI router upon request.  Rates are set at 10Mbps for download and 364kBps for upload.  Fair priced, you will untold functionality and convenience from the HD Oyster Mobile Satellite Internet System as you travel.

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