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Thu, Feb 21st 2013

Thermoelectric Coolers

Thanks to their low weight, thermoelectric coolers are particularly easy to carry and transport. Their astonishing cooling capacity of up to 30°C below the ambient temperature is more than sufficient for most purposes, including car journeys, camping or picnics.

Thermoelectrics offer a welcome bonus: most of the coolers equipped with this wear- and maintenance free technology can be used for both cooling and heating. Cost-efficient and reliable, thermoelectric energy is “just right” for small and medium-size portable coolers.
Inexpensive coolers for private and professional use.

Low-cost portable coolers
WAECO TropiCool coolers provide powerful performance and perfect design. TC special electronics with soft-touch operating panel and power-save mode. 12/24/230-volt connection as standard (TC-07: 12/230 volts only).

TropiCool Convenient high-tech coolers
TropiCool TC-07 TropiCool TC-14FL TropiCool TC-21FL TropiCool TC-35FL WAECO CoolFun portable coolers are compact outside and spacious inside – thanks to the
thermoelectric technology. The innovative design in cool blue is just right for spontaneous outdoor adventures.

High-tech inside: TC special electronics with LED temperature readout.
TropiCool coolers provide refrigeration up to 30°C below the ambient temperature and heating up to 65°C. Using the soft-touch operating panel, you can set the desired temperature in seven stages each: from 1°C to 15°C in the cooling mode, or from 50°C to 65°C in the heating mode. The memory function saves the last set parameters.*

* All Models except TC-07    

    Cold/warm switch.
    LED indicator.
    Memory function.
    Temperature regulation: 7 stages each
    for cooling and heating.

Here’s how thermoelectric coolers work
The thermoelectric principle is based on the fact that energy in the form of cold or heat is generated when the connection between different types of metals is linked to a direct current (DC) power source. The heating or cooling function can be intensified using heat
exchangers and air fans.

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