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Fri, Jul 14th 2017

What are the Benefits of Performance Chips for Trucks?

As truck drivers make a living out of travelling long distances for substantial periods of time, they are very perceptive to fluctuations in the performance of their vehicle. They are also more negatively affected than most drivers when their vehicle is flagging. Here at Conrad Anderson it’s our mission to improve the experience of truckers and all drivers everywhere with our mobile electronics.

We’ve previously written about the performance-boosting power of STEINBAUER Performance, a brand of aftermarket hardware module which enhances vehicles’ power and torque, and the positive effects they can have on cars, motorhomes and agricultural machinery. However, it might be useful to know that STEINBAUER also provide excellent performance chips for trucks.  

If you are a discerning truck driver you are probably wondering how truck engine tuning might be of benefit to your vehicle. Look no further! Here are just a few of the reasons why STEINBAUER’s performance chips for trucks can make being on the road a more enjoyable experience. 

Improved performance

Unfortunately, with some engine solutions, the effect on the performance of the truck is barely noticeable. This isn’t the case with STEINBAUER performance chips. STEINBAUER’s hardware modules are proven to improve the performance of diesel trucks by up to 20%. This will have the benefit of reducing your need to constantly shift gears, increasing the efficiency of your truck and leading to less time wasted on coffee breaks in the service station. 

Works within set safety limits

One great benefit of STEINBAUER’s performance chips for trucks is that they add power reserves to the engine to allow it to hit the optimum RPM even during demanding applications. This will help your truck to make light work of carrying heavy loads, overtaking or driving up steep inclines. 

You might be concerned that adjusting your truck engine tuning in this way will somehow damage its engine life or even void the warranty on your truck. By adjusting the injection timing of your engine rather than rail pressure, STEINBAUER’s truck engine tuning is perfectly safe as it works within the set safety limits of your truck’s engine control unit.  

Unique to each truck

The genius of STEINBAUER’S truck engine tuning is that each tuning is unique to the make and model of the truck. Whether you own a Ford or a Mercedes-Benz, you can rest safe in the knowledge that the benefits of your engine chips will remain even after your truck’s been serviced. 

Designed for the long haul

Long truck journeys can be fraught with danger, be it from potholes or dusty country roads. That’s why STEINBAUER’s engine chips are made to be moisture, dust and vibration-proof to the same standards as the original manufacturer of the engine. Whatever conditions your truck is up against, they will be no match for your chips’ performance power.  

Contact us!  

By now it should be clear that STEINBAUER’S performance modules are as great at getting the best out of your truck as they are for other vehicles. If you’re interested in trying them out, why not pay us a visit here at Conrad Anderson today? We can fit the module for you at our Birmingham workshop or simply install it for you to fit it yourself.

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