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Mon, Apr 9th 2018

The Benefits of Cruise Control

Planning to make a long journey in your car or camper van anytime soon? Then a cruise control system is bound to come in handy. In recent years, adding vehicle cruise control into your car has become very common practice, and a lot of people wouldn’t even consider heading off on a long journey without it.

But first things first, here are a few things you should know about using a cruise control kit before hitting the roads:

What is cruise control?

Cruise control is a system that controls the speed of a vehicle automatically without you having to use the acceleration pedal. Cruise control kits come in a range of different types, including 4x4 cruise control, universal cruise control kits, motorhome cruise control as well as cruise control with speed limiter. 

Why do I need it?

Kick back and relax

With the knowledge that a cruise control system has your back, you can be more relaxed behind the wheel of your car. This will most likely improve the quality of your driving as well as counteracting any fatigue you might be feeling whilst tackling longer journeys.

Can counteract discomfort whilst driving

Spending long hours on the road can take its toll, and cruise control is great if you’re prone to leg cramp. With cruise control, there is no need to keep your foot on the acceleration pedal throughout the journey, making for safer and more comfortable driving.

Fuel efficiency

The amount of times that you find yourself having to speed up and slow down during the course of one journey makes it difficult to maintain a steady speed. With the help of cruise control, you can limit the amount of changes that you make to your speed which consequently means that you will be using less fuel. As well as being great for the environment this will also save you money as you’ll be refilling your tank less often.

Stops you from speeding

Cruise control enables you to limit your maximum speed, which is useful for making sure that you are not surpassing any limits whilst passing speed cameras on your journey. 

Get in contact

Searching for a high-quality aftermarket cruise control kit for your vehicle? At Conrad Anderson, we supply cruise control kits for all kinds of vehicles so whether you drive a van, motorbike, 4x4 or motorhome, we have you covered.

As well as universal cruise control systems, we also supply cruise control specially designed for individual models of vehicles. To find out whether we have a cruise control designed individually for your vehicle, use our cruise control wizard that will give you all the information that you need as to the correct configuration for your vehicle.

For more information about our aftermarket cruise control systems and to find out how you can get one today, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today via email: or call 0121 247 0619.

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