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Wed, Jun 7th 2017

Why choose STEINBAUER Performance for your Agricultural Machinery?

The discerning driver is always looking for a way to improve the performance of their vehicle. That’s why, here at Conrad Anderson, we specialise in providing mobile electronics designed to help you get the best out of your vehicle.

Recently, we published a few articles about STEINBAUER Performance’s aftermarket hardware modules and how, when fitted, they can enhance the power and torque of your car or motorhome by up to 20%.

While STEINBAUER’S engine chips are regularly used in everyday vehicles, it may not have occurred to you that agricultural diesel tuning can also be remarkably useful. Here are just four of the ways fitting STEINBAUER tractor chips might help you reap the rewards:

Alternative to a brand new machine

One of the biggest advantages that agricultural diesel tuning can offer you is that it will provide you with an alternative to purchasing a better machine. Instead of paying an eye-watering price for the newest vehicle on the market with higher horsepower, STEINBAUER’S tractor chips will enable you to see gains from your existing vehicle, giving it more power to haul bigger implements.

Helps cover more acres per hour

In agriculture, the amount of time spent on a task really is money. This gives an agricultural vehicle a more crucial reliance on quality compared to a family car which is simply used to drive families from one place to another. By choosing a STEINBAUER Performance chip for your vehicle, you will be able to optimise your work time on the field, thereby increasing your output and your profits. 

Helps harvest at optimum speed

Following on from the above, it is vital for any farmer that they look to harvest at optimum speed. Handily, the increased speed and torque offered by fitting a STEINBAUER Performance chip to your tractor assists with doing just that. While a yield is obviously dependant on other factors, such as the weather, the terrain conditions and your own hard-won experience, choosing STEINBAUER’S agricultural diesel solutions will help you maximise that yield as much as possible.

Decreases overall engine hours

One issue often found with agricultural vehicles is that they are so heavily used by the time they are sold that their value drops heavily. The increased engine efficiency offered by a STEINBAUER tractor chip will prevent this issue, decreasing the overall hours on your engine and thereby maximising the resale value of your vehicle.

What’s more, a STEINBAUER Performance chip does not interfere with the original engine control unit (ECU) of your vehicle or its common rail pressure, instead simply adjusting the injection timing of your vehicle in a safe fashion. Because of this, you can rest assured that your agricultural diesel tuning will enhance the performance of your vehicle without voiding its warranty.

Contact us!

It should be clear by now that STEINBAUER’S tractor chips are a fantastic choice if you are looking to enhance your agricultural machinery’s performance. Why not give us a call here at Conrad Anderson today or pop into our Birmingham workshop for more details? We’d be very happy to answer any questions you may have and find the right chip for your vehicle.

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