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Tue, Aug 14th 2018

Speed Limiter Kits

Speed is a topic on the mind of many modern motorists, politicians and local communities.  It is mostly associated with traffic collisions and accidents, but also has an influence on fuel consumption and the economy of a vehicle, the general wear and tear of a vehicle, and on our environment.

It seems that we are being constantly reminded, via road signs, television and radio, that speed kills. The most well-known initiative that still has its value on our smaller roads and lanes, are speed cameras mostly known as Gatso cameras. Other monitoring devices include average speed checks and illuminated signs encouraging speed awareness by highlighting how fast you are travelling in miles per hour, and comparing that with the local enforced limit.  However, whereas these cameras act as a detergent they don’t prevent speeding.  The speed limiter device has benefits that are more far-reaching.

Attitude has been one of the biggest problems within the world of motoring.  And unfortunately, signs and speed cameras seem to be having little effect on some motorists.  Regardless of reminders and encouragement from the government, the local authorities and even the motorists employers, speed is still a major problem.   Even during the early days of being a learner driver, one of the theory test categories includes attitude as well as Alertness, Accidents, Hazard Awareness and Rules Of The Road, to name just a few connected with safety.  All of these questions, aim to instil in the driver the desire to be safe and aware of the impact they have on the road and environment.

Is there another way, not only to encourage slower, less dangerous speeds, but to make us all conscious of our speed?  On the motorway, for example, we can all be guilty, especially on long journeys, of ‘switching off’, and becoming unaware of how fast we are actually traveling.  You may be just in the process of overtaking someone and they speed up.  So, you put your foot down to complete the manoeuvre, but by the time you check your speed you are nearing 90 miles per hour.  Easily done.

Bearing in mind it can be difficult to keep on top of your own speed, if you own many vehicles and trucks for your business, then it can be near on impossible to govern your drivers and what they get up to outside the depot and out of your sight.  Speed Limiter devices for vehicles, can mean you don’t have to keep enforcing the point, as the devices enforce it for you.

Speed limiters for cars differ from speed limiters for trucks, with an adjustable speed limiter, to take into account the change in limits applied to such vehicles.  Again this adds peace of mind, not just for you the owner of the vehicle, but for the driver themselves. 

Conrad Anderson Ltd. specialise in providing a speed limiter device on a huge range of vehicles. For more information on the speed limiters available, please click here.

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