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Fri, Jul 3rd 2009


Roof Top Air Conditioners HEATWAVE SPECIAL - 10% OFF DURING JULY 2009 Click links and photos for more information.

Ideal for Motorhomes CA2500 AC SAVE £199 CA2500 AC/DC SAVE £249* *Includes DC Kit 2 CA2500AC & AC/DC Ideal for Motorhomes B2200 AC SAVE £164 B2200 AC/DC SAVE £213* *Includes DC Kit 2 B2200AC & AC/DC Ideal for Motorhomes B1600 AC SAVE £118 B1600 AC/DC SAVE £167* *Includes DC Kit 2 B1600 AC & AC/DC Ideal for Motorhomes HB2500 AC SAVE £99 HB2500 AC/DC SAVE £217* *Includes DC Kit 3 HB2500 AC & AC/DC Ideal for Single Room/Small Van CA1000 AC SAVE £115 CA1000 AC/DC SAVE £155* *Includes DC Kit 1 CA-1000-AC & AC/DC

Ideal for Trucks CA800 DC SAVE £126* CA-800-DC and Fixing Kit

Motorhome and Caravan Guide Model Best for Vehicle Length CA-1000-AC & AC/DC Up to 5 m or single room usage B1600 AC & AC/DC Up to 6 m B2200AC & AC/DC Up to 7 m CA2500AC & AC/DC Up to 8 m HB2500 AC & AC/DC Up to 5 m plus

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* Offer lasts from 1st July 2009 until 31st July 2009

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