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Wed, Jun 20th 2018

Sky Q On The Move                                                            Sky Q on the move

Are you considering an upgrade to Sky Q? You can now be sure that it will work on the mobile system in your motorhomeor caravan. It will take a little technical jiggery pokery but is all possible with the right equipment.

Legacy Sky systems have been very easy to use on an automatic satellite dish in your motorhome or caravan, whether on a portable dish or fully automatic system, just plug it in and away you go. Sky Q is a little more difficult and uptil now there has been some confusion and head scratching when it comes to the detail on how it works.

The issue is that the Sky Q wide band LNB cannot be used with existing fully automatic satellite systems. The solution is to purchase a Sky Q enabled motorhome satellite system or a motorhome satellite system upgrade for use with sky Q... only some systems can be upgraded, please contact the sales team for information.

Sky Q enabled Automatic satellite systems

Oyster 85 V3 Quattro

SatFi EU

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