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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Sine wave inverters - 700 watts and above
High-performance inverters with pure sine wave voltage

Prize-winning prior to market launch, it hardly comes as a surprise that the SinePower inverter series has been able to convince the most demanding jurors. The units with continuous power ratings of 700 watts and more clearly come up to professional standards. Delivering pure sine wave voltage, they are the best possible choice for highly sensitive and powerful electrical appliances. They meet industry standards and combine ultimate user comfort with invaluable technical features. The mains supply priority circuit with voltage synchronisation, for example, switches to the mains power as soon as it is available and ensures uninterrupted voltage supply to the connected appliances with a smooth switch-over. Or the automatic activation of the “sleep mode” when no 230 volt appliances are being operated – saving energy and reducing the strain on the on-board battery!

Battery – connection
Battery + connection
Switch for configuration
Mains input fuse
Output for remote control 1
Output for remote control 2 (RS232)
Mains input socket
Inverter output socket
Earth connection
Exhaust air adapter

A particularly well-designed detail including the main switch (ON / OFF / remote) and three LEDs to indicate the charging level, power output and input voltage range. The display is integrated in the unit at a 45° angle so that it can easily be checked from various positions.
Sleep Mode
When no 230 volt appliance is operated the sine wave inverter automatically turns to sleep mode to reduce the strain on the vehicle battery.
Cable Organiser
With cable guides ready at hand and all connections on one side, everything can be kept nice and neat. DIP switches
Using the DIP switches you can activate the power-save mode and set the desired output rating. When a connected appliance requires an output higher than the set value, the inverter will run in normal mode. When the output is lower than the one set it will run in the power-save mode.

Clip-on mounts
Individually adjustable clip-on mounts permit adaptation to special installation requirements with perfect results. Additionally, each unit is supplied with a mounting plate, especially helpful for (vertical-) mounting the heavier units.

Two remote control models make the assets of the SinePower sine wave inverters complete. You can choose the inexpensive standard model or opt for the high-end version, either is suitable for switchboard mounting - MCR-7 or MCR-9.

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