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Thu, Aug 30th 2018

Sinclair Roof Mounted Air Con Units

Who doesn’t hope for glorious weather during a campervan holiday?  When we imagine ourselves on holiday enjoying travel, sightseeing, and adventure, or just sitting back with a good book or puzzle at our home from home, what kind of weather also features in these plans and daydreams?  However, the fact remains, that although we can choose our holiday destination, our accommodation and what we do with our time, we can’t choose or control the weather.  What we do have some control over, is how we deal with the cold days and the hot days.

When you are at home, you reserve the right to turn your thermostat up or down to whatever temperature will help you feel comfortable. If, when at home, you want to feel a sense of belonging and comfort, then surely when you are away for extended periods in your truck, campervan, motorhome or caravan, you expect the same. 

On a hot day in particular, there is nothing more frustrating than going inside to get away from the glare of the sun, or the intense heat of its rays, only to find that inside is just as hot or perhaps hotter.  We all know what it’s like to get in our vehicles on a hot day after it has been sat in the sun.  Some like to have a afternoon siesta while the sun is high in the sky, during the warmest part of the day, and while your on holiday you certainly deserve it.  But how difficult is it to sleep in high temperatures in a vehicle?

Conrad Anderson are experts at fitting Air con units in any of your holiday home vehicles.  They professionally supply and fit caravan roof mounted air con units and motorhome roof mounted air con units, so that you can enjoy every aspects of your time away.

If you travel long distances for extended periods, then the comfort of a Sinclair roof mounted air con unit can help keep you alert and safe while travelling, and comfortable and cool while you’re in your sleeping area.

Sinclair roof mounted air con units have been specifically designed with motorhomes and caravans in mind.  These powerful units are capable of heating, cooling and dehumidifying your holiday living space.  This makes it a perfect choice for a motorhome as it keeps you cool while you drive so you can stay alert while on the road, it keeps you warm in colder climates while you sleep and it can clear the air of any odours and moisture after you have done your cooking.

If you have a small motorhome, caravan or sleeping compartment, you may be concerned about how much space these units take up.  You may also worry about a constant mechanical sound coming from your unit.  Conrad Anderson can assures you that apart from feeling incredibly  comfortable and at your ease, you won’t even know it’s there! 

For information on Sinclair roof mounted air con units click here

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