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Fri, Jun 10th 2016

How to improve the safety and comfort when on the road in your Motorhome?

At Conrad Anderson, we believe in providing customers with quality motorhome solutions to suit all needs. Improving the safety and comfort of a motorhome is a priority for most owners, we realise the importance of this and stock a range of motorhome systems that are suitable for most motorhomes. We specialise in the best in motorhome solutions, from air conditioning, to cruise control and reversing cameras. Below is an overview of the equipment we have in our range:

Motorhome Generators

We have a selection of motorhome generators available in both petrol and diesel, and also LPG. We provide a fitting service to customers, and warranty for total reassurance. The motorhome generators that we stock range in power output to enable customers to choose the best option to suit their requirements.

Motorhome Air Conditioning

Our Motorhome air conditioning range allows customers to purchase the best cooling solutions for their vehicle. We have a number of motorhome air conditioning units available, along with an array of accessories and parts.

Motorhome Satellite TV

We understand the importance of entertainment in a motorhome and that's why we pride ourselves on the number of motorhome satellite TV solutions that we provide. We stock everything from portable dishes, to domes, to flat screen televisions. Our products are available in many different options to be installed in any motorhome. The selection of products available allows customers to create tailor made satellite solutions for the perfect mobile entertainment experience.

Motorhome Reversing Cameras

Reversing in such a large vehicle can be extremely difficult, that's why we stock motorhome reversing cameras. Using a motorhome reversing camera can help to prevent any accidents that could occur while manoeuvring a motorhome. This is a must have to enhance the safety of both the driver and others. We stock both cameras, monitors and accessories and parking sensors. Also available are 360° cameras that provide a fuller view and increase safety significantly. 

Motorhome Cruise Control

Motorhome cruise control is a must-have for the avid motorhome driver, our systems provide additional comfort on long journeys and make driving a breeze. When buying motorhome cruise control systems from us, the customer is able to select the make and model of their vehicle before making a purchase, ensuring a perfect fit every time. We also supply a range of speed limiting devices, this is available for a range of makes and models.

Motorhome Internet Solutions

We understand the need for accessible internet in this digital age and that's why we offer customers a selection of satellite internet solutions. We supply both routers and satellite dishes that allow customers to enjoy high speed internet, on the move. We stock both mountable and portable systems and a selection of accessories and Wi-Fi boosters. Customers can purchase all components needed to enjoy mobile satellite internet in their motorhomes, taking away the hassle and providing everything needed in one simple shopping experience.

Our motorhome solutions are second to none and we pride ourselves on our expertise. For customers that are unsure of the specifics needed to install or upgrade new solutions and devices, we provide our expert advice to make sure that every customer is happy and satisfied with their purchase. In addition to the products listed above, we also stock other power solutions such as inverters and converters, and an array of motorhome systems. Our Air Suspensions and E&P Hydraulic Levelling solutions make for a more comfortable and stable ride, providing better handling and general comfort.

We have built our reputation over the last 18 years of trading by providing customers with exactly what they need. We know that it can be confusing when purchasing motorhome systems and therefore we will always strive to exceed customer expectations and give friendly advice and support. We offer installation services for all types of products and vehicles and also provide more bespoke solutions at the customer's request, these can be designed using customer specifications.

We also cater for caravan drivers and stock both coach and truck equipment. Our website also has a range of solutions for both recreational and business vehicles including emergency service, disability adapted vehicles and forklift trucks.


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