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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Reversing video systems for recreational vehicles

Seeing from the front what's happening behind.

Drivers of motorhomes and caravans enjoy the privilege of endless mobility and flexibility. When it comes to reversing, they are faced with all the typical risks. Whether in tight parking spaces or on difficult terrain, reversing always involves the chance of damaging one's own vehicle or other property.

That kind of holiday souvenir often entails enormous repair costs, or worse, third party claims. Even minor bumps can cause lots of damage and trouble.

With a BACK VIEW or MOBITRONIC reversing video system you will face all reversing manoeuvres far better equipped. With the monitor on the dashboard and the camera at the back of your mobile home, you have everything in sight with comfortable viewing angles of approximately 100 degrees horizontally and 70 degrees vertically. Depending on the camera position, you will get up to 80 per cent more view compared to the conventional rear and outside mirror system. Depending on the technology of your reversing video system, the monitor delivers pictures in black and white or in colour; the camera comes with integrated heater and/or sunshield, or with a motor-operated automatic shutter to prevent soiling of the camera lens.

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