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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

The DSM Function

DSM stands for Digital Signal Memory, a technical extra that is incorporated in the MAGIC WATCH system: MWE-650. This system is able to "memorise" objects permanently fitted to the vehicle, such as spare tyres or tow bar couplings. When checking the area behind the vehicle, they recognise these objects as belonging to the vehicle rather than obstacles worth reporting.

Safe reversing for motorhomes, trucks and buses.

The wider the vehicle the bigger the risk of bumps and scrapes. That sounds logical, but need not necessarily be true. The new MAGIC WATCH system the MWE-650, has been specifically designed for larger vehicles. It comes with four sensors with a range of 40cm to 3m. The MWE-650 has built-in sensors to give a perfect cosmetic finish. Both systems feature acoustic and visual warning as well as the Digital Signal Memory.

Zone 1: distance only

Zone 2: intermittant beep

Zone 3: fast beep

Zone 4: continuous tone

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