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Tue, Jan 3rd 2017

How many accidents could be avoided by using reversing cameras? Poor visibility when reversing causes many unnecessary injuries and even deaths. Why not seriously consider installing a reversing camera system which can eliminate blind spots and give you all-around vision? Conrad Anderson are mobile electronic and electrical goods experts and we have over 18 years of experience to help you. We have a wide selection of reversing camera systems and we also offer an installation service to give you complete peace of mind. Are these reversing camera units really that effective and what can we offer you?

Reversing Cameras Save Lives

It amazing to think that of all the deaths involving vehicles and people, a quarter of them occur when the vehicle is reversing. Is there a more compelling reason to fit your vehicle with a reversing camera? Some experts have even suggested that reversing cameras should be compulsory for certain vehicles. The beauty of the reversing camera system is that they create a live image directly behind your vehicle. With one of these installed, you will be able to make good decisions and avoid the potentially dangerous consequences of blind spots. ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ so the well-known saying goes and this is certainly the case with people’s lives. Our cameras are extremely flexible and can be fitted to virtually any vehicle. What types of reversing camera systems do we stock?

Wide Selection of Reversing Camera Systems

We have a wide selection of reversing camera systems for you to choose from. Take for example, the Waeco RVS 580 Reversing Camera System. This comes equipped with a 5-inch monitor and a colour shutter camera with independent LED’s to eliminate any glare at night time. What about removing the system when not in use? It features an Easylink mount which makes it simple to remove the monitor, therefore deterring any would-be-thieves. The fantastic picture quality is achieved even at low temperatures. You can expect to receive a 145° picture angle with our smallest shutter camera. This ensures that you can have a comprehensive view when reversing in any given situation. How long does it take to fit these camera systems? We believe that it will take between 4-5 hours to install and of course, we can do this for you. This is just one of many camera reversing units that we can supply to you. For a modest outlay, you can have superb reversing vision, so that you can avoid any potential accidents.

High-Quality Reversing Camera Systems

All our reversing camera systems are of high-quality. They are generously equipped including a microphone and a stainless-steel protection cap which makes it weatherproof. You can switch it on either manually or automatically depending on what you require. They have a generous 20m connection cable from camera to monitor. The LED backlighting facility makes it easy to use. You can find out about the other superb features of our camera reversing systems by visiting our webpage.

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