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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Waeco's latest set of reversing cameras and monitors - called Perfect View - comprises several designs of camera and two sizes of monitor, which can be paired up to the user's choice. We include below some approximate guide prices, but bear in mind that the items are priced here without connnecting cables or outher auxiliaries and that kits of camera plus monitor will not cost the same as the sum of two parts.

The LCD colour monitors are mounted so that they can easily be removed for security. The diagonal sizes of the screens are 5in (13cm) at around 267 and 7in (18cm). The cameras all have a microphone and temperature-controlled heating. CAM50, with a ring of LEDs around the lens, has a field of view 120 measured on the diagonal and 90 horizontally. It is available in silver (CAM50C) or white (CAM50W).

The CAM80C is of wider angle, with 145 diagonally (d) and 100 horizontally (h). Its LEDs are mounted to one side of the lens, and a motor-driven shutter can cover the lens to prevent its being covered in dirt from road spray. With two lenses and electrical outputs, the CAM44 also has a shutter and LED illumination. For the wide, close-up view, the field is 140 (d) and 100 (h). For the longer-range, norrower view similar to that of a rear-view mirror, the field is 40 (d) an 32 (h).

On panel vans, there is often no rear-facing, near-vertical surface on which a camera can be mounted. For this situation Waeco has two solution

One is the camera with a roof mount, CAM30CK.

An alternative, specially for the Fiat X250 or Citroen equivalent, is CAM16BK. This is described as a "brake light console with a cylindrical camera". Here, the brake light assembly is removed from the rear of the vehicle and replaced by a unit or the same form and base fitting but containing both a camera and a brake light.

Any of the above cameras can generally be linked to a customer's existing cab monitor such as for a satnav.

Even if you use a camera system, it can still be useful to have an audible reverse warning device or 'parking aid'. As I have found over many years with two successive 'vans, it is very helpful to have an indication of distance to go to an obstruction behind without even having to look at the screen. In addition, parking aids distinguish by their tone or bleep-rate several distance ranges more precisely than can be judged from a screen image. Waeco offers parking aids such as the Magic Watch MWE650-4DSM.

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