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Mon, Sep 4th 2017

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Embark on Your Campervan Trip Without Motorhome Satellite TV

Setting off on your next campervan or motorhome trip – whether it’s for business or pleasure – often means that you’ll find yourself cut off from the beaten track for prolonged periods of time. When travelling through remote areas, you may find that your 3G/4G connections aren’t up to scratch for mobile internet, resulting in moody teenagers and bored kids who just want to stream Netflix on the go.

Here at Conrad Anderson, we have been providing satellite TV systems in the UK for years, ensuring that you’re always connected wherever you happen to be in the country – or even the EU. We’ve discovered that there are three main reasons as to why you may require motorhome satellite TV on your campervan travels, so we thought we’d cover those on the blog today.

Business on the Go

Many people who own campervans and motorhomes find that they enjoy the freedom of being able to travel and sleep wherever they please across the country, and often take their work on the road with them remotely.

Keeping an eye on the stock markets and business news is vastly important if you’re in such an industry and, with travelling often resulting in poor 3G/4G connections on your mobile devices, you may become reliant upon information offered by your portable satellite system for motorhomes.

Keeping the Kids Entertained on the Road

Travelling great distances with children or teenagers in tow can prove very testing for even the most patient of parents, meaning that having a reliable signal for the TV can be an absolute godsend. Without consistent internet access on their mobile devices, you’ll find your young ones will be itching for the opportunity to stare at their beloved screens.

Portable games consoles are another great way to keep everyone entertained, or you can go back to basics with some board games or puzzle books – but again, these only last so long before they start getting stir-crazy again – how is it that the TV always works?

When it all gets too much, send them into the back with the remote and enjoy half an hour of rare tranquillity thanks to motorhome satellite. You’ll thank us later.

Movie Nights Under the Stars 

One of the joys – and stressors – of motorhome holidays is that you can get all the family together in one place, for a prolonged period of time. This means that you can bond away from the distractions of daily life, harking back to the days when they were younger and always in your hair.

One of the best ways to all get cosy together with a hot chocolate is with a film – which you can access with having satellite TV installed into your campervan – that can be accessed on one of the channels provided.

Contact us today here at Conrad Anderson to discuss how we can assist you with your own portable satellite system for your motorhome. Don’t leave home without it!

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