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Fri, Feb 1st 2013

We've had a new mobility ramp installed to our office door.  Sam & Graham were tasked with designing, building and installing the ramp to make us more accessible.  It is something we have been intending to do for some time to make sure that visiting us is a much easier experience to our many disabled customers.

Graham Baldwin sparks

Sparks a flyin', what did Graham have for his lunch?


What brought this to a head was a customer needed some work doing to his VB Air suspension on his motability VW T5 Caravelle, we were asked to do a software upgrade and a few other mechanical bits.  We are part of the network of approved dealers for VB and were his local dealer.  To enable this customer and others like him to come to us we went to work to get our access up to scratch.

This customer is one of many who totally dependent on their air suspension working on the van to be able to get around.  By a click of a button on a hand held fob, the rear door opens, lowers a ramp and the rear of the van lowers.  The driver can then wheel in through the back and get into the driving position.  Another click of the fob then raises the ramp and the rear of the van, and then magically closes the door behind! Amazing!

Mobility platform framework in progress

Bringing in the ramp frameworkCompleted ramp Completed mobility ramp

Magic opening doors and raising of ramps is very specialist work that can only be carried out by approved installers such as the lovely people at GM Coachworks in Newton Abbott, Devon.

This is one of the many alternative uses for air suspension, take a look here to see what else it can be used for.

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