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Thu, Jul 19th 2012

If your Oyster Vision 1 is behaving strangely recently and isn't locking on to Astra 2, its likely to be due to changes and updates being made by SES Astra. Fortunately most systems can be upgraded with software by us, but not all. The way to check if your system can be updated is to have a look at your control box. 

First of all this only affects Oysters whose control boxes have a map of Europe on the front (Vision 1). With the unit completely switched off, unplug the control box from all 4 connections, 2 coax cables, the multi connector and the 4 pin connector. Open up the control box with a screwdriver and look at the code on the black chip inside.  The photos attached show where to look. If the code is ATMEGA128 your box can be upgraded, if it is ATMEGA103 then unfortunately it cannot.



Because of the age and limitations of the electronic components in these ATMEGA103 control units Oyster are unable to add suffient data to allow a full lock If your box has the upgradeable code, you'll need to send us your box with your details and we can do the upgrade at a cost of £54.  If your code means you can't upgrade the software there are 2 options. 

There is a longwinded fiddley faffy manual search or you can update your system by paying £700 for a replacement Oyster Vision 2 control box. The manual search workaround instructions are here: First you will need to turn on your receiver (Sky/Freesat) and bring up the signal test menu. For Sky boxes this is done by selecting settings on the remote followed by option 4 and then option 6.

Next, turn on your Vision I system and depending on your current whereabouts, choose the zone for your area (Uk-Top, France-Middle, Spain-Bottom). The system will search and see the satellite as normal but will be a few degrees to far to the south. Once it has realised this it will move slightly east and begin to fine tune. The problem is that the system can no longer decide which of these two areas is the correct one so will begin to do a box motion (Right, Down, Left, Up) between the two and eventually end up looking into the sky saying "No Satellite Found". What you will need to do is stop it before this happens.

This is done by simply waiting for the system to start the box motion and as it goes down and to the left, press the "Menu" button which will stop the system dead. Then, using the right hand arrow on the box you will need to scroll across to "Manual Search" and press ok. Once in this menu the up, down, left and right arrows will manually move the system (Please note: Right arrow moves it Left and vice versa). You will need to move the system southwards (to the right) from its current location one click at a time leaving five seconds before each click to allow the receiver time to see the signal. Once you see some signal on the Receivers signal test screen you will simply have to use all of the arrows to fine tune it until you have a strong signal. Once you are happy simply press the ok button on the controller to store. You will now be able to watch tv.

Please note though that as the system no longer recognises this as an automatic lock. If you put the unit down for the evening and back up the next day it will go back to the last position but as it will not recognise Astra 2 it will go into a new search. If you want to avoid this happening then you will have to stop this feature using the menu button just as it starts. The system will then remain in the same place.    

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