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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Conrad Anderson have provided Oyster Internet to World Class companies such as IBM, Ciena, Barclays, The Gadget Show and Ford.

IBM - PR and Staff training.
Telecommunications equipment provider Ciena has contracted Event Marketing Solutions (EMS) to create its EMEA Innovation Lab which launched at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. The lab-on-wheels allowed customers and attendees to see Ciena's latest technology demos.
Barclays bank have used they Oyster Internet on their mobile public relations and staff training trucks.
The Gadget Show. An article on the website says: The product has had a warm reception from the mobile industry, and is in use by both the British Touring Car Racing Team 'Bamboo Engineering' for streaming their pit lane internet TV channel, as well as the Gadget Show for on location shoots. A spokesman for the Gadget Show said "It [Oyster Internet] is an ideal solution for internet access regardless of location, which for us is very important when demonstrating and testing tech for our viewers. It gives us peace of mind."
Conrad Anderson provided broadband for the CLA Game Fair 2010. Specialising in fully automatic satellite Internet systems for hassle free fast broadband, Conrad Anderson add a new string to the rural broadband bow by providing a mobile solution.
The Astra2Connect broadband system is ideal for any mobile or rural application, guaranteeing a broadband Internet connection anywhere within the European footprint. Fully automatic and manual searching systems are available depending whether the application is vehicle mounted or at a fixed location.

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