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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Magic Watch - MWE-910
Eight sensors for perfect vision … Parking aid for front and rear

If you are looking for maximum manoeuvring safety you will find it with the MagicWatch MWE 910 parking aid. A product that is unique in the market, designed for the front and rear in every respect.
As a result it is able to differentiate between front and rear – and that is its major advantage compared to other systems that come with the same configuration at the front and rear and tend to warn far too early in the front range. A total of eight sensors are involved in measuring the distance to the vehicle in front or behind, respectively: four sensors in the front and four in the rear bumper. Painted in the vehicle colour, they are hardly noticeable – no wonder considering the sensor size: the MWE910 uses the same ultra-compact sensors (just 18 mm in diameter) as the MWE 900 parking aid. Even difficult installation situations can easily be handled with this system, too. As many recreational vehicles are packed with items protruding beyond the bumpers, the stop line of this parking aid is adjustable – by up to 40 cm.

Easy Installation
Regardless of which MagicWatch parking aid you opt for – you’ll be surprised at how fast and easy these high-tech systems are to install.
All components are designed for plug-’n’-play convenience. The sensors come with water-proof plug-in connectors. The warning functions can be adjusted to the specific vehicle conditions. Just follow the step-by-step installation instructions. It’s even easier with the vehicle-specific mounting instructions available for many types of vehicles. Ask us or contact WAECO directly.

Always at a distance – safety for front and rear

Warnings (at the front) given out too early are annoying. But that’s the very problem with many 8-sensor systems, whose configuration for the front and rear bumper is the same.
WAECO is the only supplier of a system that differentiates. In forward motion the MagicWatch MWE 910 doesn’t start warning before the distance is 90 cm. That helps to keep the driver calm. Additionally, the PPS Parameter Programming System permits individual adjustment of the sensitivity and other system parameters for front and rear. The front parking sensors are activated by the ignition and de-activated via the speed signal. As soon as you switch into reverse, the rear system takes over the distance measurement and warning functions.

1. Distance of 90 cm max. Adjustable parameters.

2. Easy installation of the 4 sensors in the front bumper.

3. The receiver is firmly installed in the vehicle’s cockpit.

4. Hard-wired signal transmission from the base unit to the receiver (1 wire only).

5. Easy installation of the 4 sensors in the rear bumper.

6. Distance of 180 cm max. Adjustable parameters.

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