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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Reversing without risk with the MWE-900

Parking aids for recreational vehicles
Is there enough space or not? Reversing a motorhome or caravan can be tricky – and costly, too, if it goes wrong. A MagicWatch parking aid helps you to avoid unnecessary stress and expense. It warns you if your vehicle comes too close to an obstacle. MagicWatch MWE 900 is a very reliable parking aid, well proven especially on recreational vehicles. The system comes with super-compact sensors (just 18 mm in diameter), which are easy to fit even in difficult or confined areas. All installation accessories are included in the set. The variable stop line (see diagram below) is yet another bonus that sets the MWE 900 apart from other parking aid systems

Variable stop line

The parking aid sensors are located at the rear bumper, but there’s a tow-bar, step or spare tyre protruding beyond the bumper. No problem whatsoever, MagicWatch will take account of such “extras”. Simply shift back the stop line (by up to 40 cm) and use your parking aid as you normally would.
Variable stop line

Always a perfect installation result!

Intelligent system with the smallest sensors available
Seeing is believing, although it’s not all that easy … The sensors of the MagicWatch MWE 900 parking aid are only 18 mm in diameter and feature a mere 18 mm installation depth. A new record in the market, as competitors’ sensors are far larger and therefore less elegant than WAECO products. The sensors are integrated into the rear bumper, spray-painted in the vehicle body colour and yield a perfect installation result.

MagicWatch MWE 900 warns you with an acoustic signal if your vehicle comes too close to an obstacle. You can use the Parameter Programming System (PPS) to decide when and under what circumstances. All system parameters – range, sensitivity, visual rejection of mounted parts, etc. – can be programmed individually. For example, it is possible to account for tow-bars.

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