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Wed, Feb 22nd 2017

Is there anywhere that you can’t go in your beautiful motorhome? One of the great things about these pieces of technology is that you can park virtually anywhere. Once you find a beauty spot, you can park up and enjoy the view. What if you are unable to stop somewhere because the ground is too uneven? That’s where our motorhome auto levelling systems come in. At Conrad Anderson Ltd, we specialise in electronic and electric products and we have a wide range of motorhome hydraulic levelling systems for you to look at. Why should you seriously consider one of these systems?

Problems of Uneven Ground

Is there anything more disconcerting than your motorhome moving when you are walking through it? This might not be the end of the world, but it would be infinitely better if this didn’t happen. Then there are those windy days when it could feel that your caravan is going to blow over. Of course, that isn’t the case, but, it still feels unsettling. In addition to this, your doors may not open and shut properly and any water may not drain thoroughly due to your caravan slanting. This situation could happen repeatedly, each time you stop at your chosen location. All these problems and challenges can be easily solved by using one of our motorhome self-levelling systems.

Wide Selection to Choose From

Depending of the make of your vehicle, we have a wide choice of hydraulic levelling systems for you to consider. This innovative design takes around two minutes to fully level your motorhome and you’ll be free to enjoy your vacation – at a press of a button. What is included in this system? There are four hydraulic rams that are fixed onto the chassis near the axles. The hydraulic system is operated from a control panel which is conveniently positioned near the driver’s door. Your family will absolutely love this piece of technology and they will notice the greater level of stability. This is just one example of the many hydraulic levelling systems that we can supply to you.

Motorhome Satellite Systems

What’s one of the best ways to keep all your family members happy? By allow them to watch their favourite TV programmes while on the move. We offer a range of satellite TV systems for motorhomes. We supply everything that you need so that you can watch your TV anytime, anywhere. Of course, we must discuss your requirements beforehand, so that we know exactly what you want. Once you have selected the right system for you, we can arrange to install it. In less than no time, your motorhome could be equipped with the latest motorhome satellite dish and receiver, along with an automatic levelling system to increase your enjoyment when on the road.

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