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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Conrad Anderson have developed various speciality camers systems, The mobility camera system is designed specifically for disabled customers who have trouble twisting at the neck to look left and right.

Our system consists of four bullet cameras mounted on the front wings looking left & right and on the wing mirrors looking backwards to cover the blind spots. The two monitors on the dashboard show 2 camera views on each - the left monitor for left hand cameras, the right monitor for right hand cameras. Switching between the two camera views is automatic dependent on the speed <5mph left and right views, 6mph> blindspot view.

We have found that having 2 monitors is the safest, most useable and practical configuration. Using a single screen speed of switching becomes a problem. Split screen options are being looked at however splitting a 7in or 5in monitor into 4 makes for 4 very small screens - very difficult to see making safety an issue.

Please contact us for more information.

Job Specification:

4 Bullet Cameras - RV29T130
2 Screens - RV511S.
Switch Relay.
Fitting of above items.

This job was completed in August 2006
at our Birmingham workshop.

Bullet Camera - Side View, front wing

Bullet Camera.
Side view of front wing,
matching the opposite side.


Bullet camera mounted under the reversing mirrors on both sides.
Hand controls can be seen in the reflection.

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