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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Integrated mains priority circuit with voltage synchronisation

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SinePower / PerfectPower / PocketPower

The right inverter for you depends on the type and power rating of the appliance to be connected. The low-priced inverters from the WAECO PerfectPower product range provide modified output voltage. This is perfectly adequate for all appliances with a wide input voltage range (hairdryers, vacuum cleaners).

Sensitive high-tech appliances with special start-up characteristics, e.g. audio / video devices, require a perfectly stable voltage supply. Fluctuations may cause failure or even damage them. You'll always be on the safe side with the sine wave inverters from the WAECO SinePower product range, as they supply stable 230 volt input voltage just like from a home power socket. Modified or pure sine wave voltage supply is also provided by the small PocketPower smart inverters, designed for mobile use of laptops and the like.

Basically, the most demanding electrical appliance determines the choice of inverter. A single appliance on board requiring a pure sine wave voltage is reason enough for you to opt for a sine wave inverter. You should also consider the starting current of the devices. Compressor refrigerators, for example, can consume up to ten times more than their nominal power consumption on start up.

Most frequent applications include: charging mobile phone batteries, cameras, torch lights, power tools, satellite aerials, DVD players, TV sets ...

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