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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Products for a moderate power system
1. 110Ah Battery
2. Solar Panel
3. PP1002 Inverter
4. Sockets
5. Electric Hook-up
6. Avtex 164DRS Television
7. IU252A AC-DC Charger
8. EG-20 Bridge
9. Fuel Cell
10. Microwave
11. EG-20 12 V Generator
12. Start Battery
Blue lines: 240 V
Red lines: 12 V

System Design
At Conrad Anderson we will design your power system to suit your needs, depending on which appliances you use and for approximately how long. We can enable you to keep all your vehicle batteries constantly topped up so you no longer need to think about how much power you are using; you just focus on more important things – whether that is holidaying, working or doing nothing much.

To help Conrad Anderson design a system for your vehicle we need to know the following information:

Which appliances will you be using and for how long?
What are the average power, peak power and standby power consumptions of those appliances?
What is the input voltage for those appliances?
Where are you going to travel in your van, what is the approximate ambient temperature?
Do you camp without hook-up facility, or are you connected to the mains most of the time?

The same process is applied to system design for higher consumption systems; we just use larger generators and upgraded management systems to provide consistent stable power output for any application.

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