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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

All the best for your batteries - Mobile Electronics makes all the difference!

Mobile comfort stands or falls with the condition of the batteries on board. Every battery has a limited life expectancey, which significantly depends upon the charging and discharging processes.

This is where motorhome owners and skippers play a significant role. After all, it is their decision which electric appliance is switched on and how long, and to what extent the battery will be discharged respectively.

The Waeco 'mobile electronics' range includes all you need to keep your vehicle electrics in trim: switch mode IUOU chargers for all commonly used battery types, handy accessories for battery care, powerful voltage converters and inverters for mobile power supply with 12, 24 or 230 volts.

You have to keep active to stay young and fit – this truism also applies to vehicle batteries. WAECO PerfectBattery accessories keep batteries in ship-shape condition, even after long periods of standstill. With a training programme consisting of recharging and float charging exercises, they prevent premature battery ageing.

WAECO PerfectCharge battery chargers have an exactly defined charging curve for fast, gentle and efficient charging of gel, AGM and wet batteries. Advanced switch-mode technology reliably compensates fluctuations in the mains supply. WAECO PerfectCharge charging converters give your battery a full charge while you are driving.

Car radios, hands-free car kits, radio equipment and comfort
accessories often have a 12-volt connection. Comparable 24-volt
units usually are more expensive and available in limited choice.
Therefore, it can be worthwhile for the owners of vehicles with
24-volt electrics to invest in a WAECO PerfectPower voltage

PerfectPower and SinePower
The tried and tested inverters in the WAECO PerfectPower series offer robust technology at affordable prices. For especially power-intensive consumers WAECO recommends an inverter with priority circuit. WAECO SinePower sine wave
inverters generate a pure 230-volt sine wave supply, which makes them ideal for sensitive electric appliances.

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