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Mon, Oct 17th 2016

Make Your Mobile Office Cutting Edge

The popularity and benefits of mobile offices are undeniable. It can result in an improved work productivity and can definitely increase the employment flexibility. But why should your mobile office be inferior to a permanent office? Should it lack essential or necessary equipment, to make it effective and efficient? Whatever your circumstance, there is no need for this to be the case. At Conrad Anderson Ltd, we have many years of experience that make us market leaders in mobile office solutions.  Why not take advantage of our bespoke equipment to make your mobile office cutting edge? Here is some information on our portable office equipment:

Generators for Guaranteed Continuous Power

We have an excellent range of generators for any size of mobile office. Do you require a 12v or 240v generator? We have just what you need to provide you with reliable power. Take for example, our 12v Telair range. It is an automatic battery charger that always keeps you topped up. Its flexibility means that it can work in extreme conditions, including -25°C to +50°C. Contrast this with the Dometic TEC40D Diesel Generator 3.5 kW model. This is the largest TEC generator and has a large range of mobile industrial uses. It has a continuous output of 3,500w with a peak of 3,900w. Whatever model you chose, you can be sure that they are all high quality products.

Hydraulic Levelling Systems

Can you imagine the chaos that could ensue if your mobile office was unstable and uneven? Our hydraulic levelling systems guarantee a level adjustment for maximum stability. Its technology gives you the same secure feeling, as a permanent office.

Fantastic Fuel Cells

Do you need an efficient supply of electrical power for your mobile office? Our fuel cells could be just what you need. Because there are few mobile parts within the fuel cell structure, they are extremely reliable and are very quiet when in use. The Efoy Fuel Cells commonly use methanol as a fuel to produce electricity. Whatever range of product that you are looking for, we have exactly what you require. Our Efoy Pro 600 Fuel Cell is specially manufactured to cope with industrial applications and electric vehicles. It is extremely robust and can work efficiently in all weathers. These systems provide reliable current to both 12v and 24v batteries and need little, if any maintenance.

Satellite Internet Systems

Your mobile office may need to have a sophisticated satellite internet system. No problem. We have provided internet solutions for many well-known prestigious companies and we can certainly help you. We have a superb range of systems on offer, depending on what you require. We also have a variety of wireless routers and inverters to match your requirements. Why not look at our satellite internet section on our website to find out more?

You can be confident that Conrad Anderson Ltd has everything that you need to transform your mobile office, into an enviable, cutting edge environment. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.


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