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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Perfect climate control on the move and at rest
DC kits for air conditioning while driving

Dometic air conditioners give you perfect climate control wherever you are: at your holiday destination and on the way there. For all air conditioners we offer matching DC kits for mobile operation from the 12-volt vehicle battery.

Air conditioning while driving has a lot going for it: your journey is more relaxed, and your concentration is better. You spend your breaks cool and relaxed. And instead of having to bring your cabin to the right temperature once you reach your destination, you can enjoy your holiday right from the start!

Standard and comfort: three optional DC kits to choose from
For mobile operation of Dometic air conditioners, we have developed three DC kits with different performance levels, features and functions. DC-Kit-3, for example, comes with a high-quality sine wave inverter which gives you the extra benefit of a 230-volt power socket for additional electric appliances. The table below helps you find the DC kit to match the air conditioner you have. For more details, refer to our product information.

Standard kits: DC-Kit-1 /DC-Kit-2

Inverter with modified wave output voltage
Charging current distributor
Mains priority circuit
Remote control

Comfort kit: DC-Kit-3

Sine wave inverter
Additional 230-volt connection for other electric consumers
Inverter with automatic power-save mode
Charging current distributor
Mains priority circuit
Remote control
Great coffee thanks to air conditioning: the additional 230-volt output of the DC-Kit-3 comfort kit allows for connection of a power-intensive appliance, e.g. a coffeemaker. The kit delivers a peak performance of 3000 watts and 1500 watts on a continuous basis.

Which kit for which air conditioner?

Freshjet 1100 - DC-Kit-1 or DC-Kit-3
B1600plus - DC-Kit-2 or DC-Kit-3
Freshlight 1600 - DC-Kit-2 or DC-Kit-3
B2200 - DC-Kit-2 or DC-Kit-3
Freshlight 2200 - DC-Kit-2 or DC-Kit-3
B2600 - DC-Kit-4
B3200 - DC-Kit-4
HB2500 - DC-Kit-3

The comfort kit: with many extra goodies
Like all DC kits, the DC-Kit-3 incorporates a charging current distributor for hassle-free operation of your Dometic air conditioner while driving. On top of that, this comfort kit features a 1500-watt sine wave inverter with two power sockets. Both deliver a pure sine wave voltage, just like that from a home power socket. One output is for the air conditioner, the other one can be used for additional (sensitive or power-intensive) 230-volt appliances. When the air conditioner is in operation, the second power socket is automatically switched off, and vice versa. This prevents excessive strain on the vehicle electrics.

Superior air-conditioning – stop or go.

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