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Tue, May 26th 2015

If you have noticed that you are not able to get a TV signal on your Tracvision R4, R4SL, R5 or R5SL there is a fix available.

Please be aware that we have identified some changes in broadcast on Astra 2: High band tracking transponders have changed their FEC from 2/3 to 5/6.

We do not know if this change is permanent, or the only changes that are being implemented so we are monitoring the status and will prepare a recommendation when more details become apparent.

Known workarounds:

R4 / R4sl – switch on receiver and choose a BBC channel prior to switching on TracVision – once locked, switch off TracVision and watch TV as normal.

R5 /R5SL require a transponder update by ourselves as we would need to connect a computer and program the new transponders in to the system.  This can be done in around 30 minutes.  We can also do this for the R4 and R4Sl if you would like to make an appointment with us.  We charge by the hour at £50 + VAT per hour.  Please call 0121 247 0619 or email to arrange your booking.

Tracvison R4sl/R5sl dome

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