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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

John Gold Cruise control kits - By Conrad Anderson

Utilising our range of actuators and command modules we can provide a cruise control solution for 99% of road vehicles. Most newer vehicles have a vehicle specific cruise control kit available, while older vehicles can be fitted using cable operated vacuum and electric actuators which use a bowden cable to pull the throttle.

Within the Professional Range, we have a choice of 4 base units combined with a selection of 7 command modules. All the base units have a built in SETUP/LEARN mode that allows the user to adjust the major cruise parameters to optimise operation for that individual vehicle (Pulses / mile, reaction speed {x 40} and gain {x 40}). For a complete kit you will require an appropriate base unit (which includes the actuator, wiring loom and fitting kit) and a suitable command module (control unit). The latest actuator also requires a 'T Harness' telephone 0800 279 0085 for further details) . The electronic cruise units have a built-in diagnostic function enabling the installer to easily detect and solve problems without any special equipment or lengthy faultfinding.

The choice of base unit depends on the vehicle that it's being fitted on. All the base units are made to a very high standard having waterproof AMP connections for under bonnet situations.

AP300 Vacuum actuator: Ideal for vast majority of vehicles, petrol or diesel. Smaller body easy to mount in engine bay. Best value for money.

AP550 Electric actuator: Any vehicle, great for vehicles with limited pedal travel on electric throttles or HGV's with no vacuum supply, 4 stroke lengths and variable cable length - Universal kit for easier fitting in awkward spaces.

GC90 Electric actuator: Designed for 'Drive by Wire' vehicles. This unit requires a command module plus a plug-in pedal interface 'T Harness' which is vehicle specific. Saves time on fitting, no moving/wearing parts. Also enables use of OE command modules.

The Professional Range has a choice of either vacuum or electric actuator (servo) to cater for any vehicle. The system has a robust very sophisticated electronic control unit. It has full independent adjustment of both gain and initialisation rate settings. It also has a full built in self diagnostic mode to enable the installer to check out the fitting prior to road testing.
There are a variety of command modules available ranging from a dashboard or central console mounted GC1, GC-3, GC-4 and the deluxe stalk mounted GC-5 or the steering wheel mounted infra-red controlled CMIR. All of these have the possibility of adding a multiple memory unit to hold three pre-selectable speeds using the CM8.

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