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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

The new and updated GC-5 stalk command module, can be added to any John Gold cruise control actuator.

The new GoldCruise GC-5 stalk is designed to fit into most new dashboard layouts to make it appear much more like an original fitting. The new functions include three integrated pre-set flexible speeds. It now very easy to select any one of the three memory speeds. This allows the driver to cruise just as easily at 30mph around town as 70mph on the motorway thereby leaving drivers less physically stressed after a long journey.

GoldCruise Cruise Controls

A coast button allows the driver to disengage the cruise control without first braking or using the clutch. In these days of high fuel prices, cruise control allows you to save fuel by holding a constant speed, lessening the temptation to speed up in order to keep pace with the vehicle in front. Cruise control is an increasingly recognised method of keeping within the speed limit rather than relying on less dependable speed-camera warning systems. These cruise control units can be fitted to most new vehicles even those with electronic throttles.

A new design feature is a twist mechanism on the whole stalk for 'Set' and 'Accelerate', 'Resume' and 'Decelerate' making it extremely easy to use. The GoldCruise GC-5 is adjustable for both length and angle and blends perfectly with the interior of a modern vehicle.

To summarise, the main features of the new GoldCruise GC-5 are:

1. Three integrated flexible pre-set speeds of drivers choice, for example 30, 40 and 60 mph.

2. Telescopic and exceptional ease of use.

3. Ergonomic design in keeping with interior of a modern vehicle.

4. Green LED to show unit has power, turning to orange when cruise is engaged.

5. Automatic disengagement of cruise unit when clutch, brake or off is selected.

6. Coast button.

There is a choice of six command modules plus the facility of using manufacturers original controls making for a cohesive appearance inside the cockpit. Conrad Anderson's Professional range of cruise controls can be retro fitted to almost any model or trim level thus allowing a greater choice of vehicle.

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