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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

IUOU Automatic Battery Chargers - Fast and Gentle Charging

Intelligent technology, powerful performance, absolute reliability, compact dimensions, easy installation – these are the typical hallmarks of our professional line of IU0U chargers.

Outstanding energy efficiency with switch-mode technology.
High mechanical stability with frames in anodised aluminium.
Overheat and short circuit protection.
Effective protection against battery overcharging due to the limited time of the U0 phase.
Superbly silent operation in the new “sleep mode”.
Remote control as optional accessory.

IUOU Chargers - Facts & Features

From double chargers in various designs to triple chargers with three battery outputs – the WAECO range includes chargers for all applications.

IUOU Chargers

Two or three outputs for gentle charging of two or even three separate batteries or banks of batteries. While charging, the weaker battery is initially brought to the charge of the stronger one. All batteries are then fully charged at the same voltage level until the full charge has been reached.

Additional output for the starter battery on the 15-amp and 25-amp models.
Superbly silent operation is ensured by the “sleep mode”: at the touch of a button, the charging current drops and lets the unit run at half power. In this mode, there’s no need to ventilate the charger. The fan remains silent as long as you want it to be.

IUOU Charging Characteristics

Gel batteries and AGM batteries should only be charged with IU0U chargers. WAECO offers a comprehensive range of IU0U automatic chargers. The state-of-the-art technology perfectly matches the requirements of recreational vehicles

IUOU curve
IU0U charging characteristics.
The IU0U curve represents an extension of the IU curve. After the constant current phase (I phase), it includes an additional voltage phase (U0 phase). Like with IU chargers, charging is initially performed with a constant current.
IUOU Charger

When the gas development voltage has been reached, the voltage is maintained at the same level until the charging current has fallen to the minimum. To prevent overcharging when electric consumers are switched on during charging, the time of the charging phase limited to 4 or 8 hours. The unit then switches to float charging to reach a voltage 0.7 volts lower than that in the gas development phase.

The benefits of the TF-500 temperature sensor...

All PerfectCharge IU0U chargers can be equipped with the TF-500 temperature sensor, which is available as an optional extra. The
sensor adjusts the charging voltage to the temperature of the battery.
This ensures a better charge at cold temperatures and prevents battery gassing at high temperatures. The diagram shows how the temperature sensor adjusts the charging voltage to the battery voltage under changing temperature conditions.

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