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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Full battery charge-up on the move

Many vehicle owners expect the leisure batteries to be fully charged while driving. When the battery is beginning to fail, however, they have to realise that quite often it does not work that way. The reason is insufficient cabling as frequently encountered in caravans.

Electronics specialist WAECO has developed a neat solution for this problem now: the new PerfectCharge IU charging converter, available in three performance categories.

The IU charging converter is simply integrated into the wiring of the starter and consumer batteries. Raising the charging voltage to 14.2 volts, it ensures optimal charging during the drive.

The converter can be switched on or off by an external control signal, e.g. the +D from the generator or you can also use a relay.

Moreover, the charging converter stabilises the voltage supply. This makes it ideal for sensitive 12-volt consumers (e.g. navigation systems, LCD monitors), which require a constant and stable voltage.

To benefit from the stabilising effect, the IU charging converter is integrated into the supply cord of the consumer. The unit compensates over- and undervoltage in a range
between 8 and 16 volts, thus preventing failure of or damage to the appliance.

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