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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

230 volts on the road.

Due to their well proven reliability, Waeco PerfectPower inverters have become a firm part of many onboard systems. The range includes five versions in different capacities to suit the majority of commonly used 230-volt consumers.

For mobile use of especially powerful electric appliances, such as microwave ovens, toasters and vacuum cleaners, we recommend a Waeco PerfectPower high performance inverter with integrated mains priority circuit.

This technical extra was integrated in Waeco PerfectPower high performance inverters to save the vehicle battery.
Here's how it works: the inverter can choose between an external power supply and the onboard battery - it will always give priority to the external power source to generate the required 230V. If the vehicle is connected to the hook-up the inverter will automatically select this power source and disable the inverter power connection, once the hook-up is disconnected power is diverted to inverter mode and the required 230V continues to be supplied.

No more bothersome plugging and unplugging; the battery is only used when external power supply is unavailable.

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