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Tue, Jun 26th 2012

Gluppity Glupp and Shloppity Shlopp, Nathan survives Wiggle Mountain Mayhem 24 hour bike race.

Nathan Onions, our 'can do' man, took part in Wiggle Mountain Mayhem at the weekend and survived!

After unprecedendent amount of rain for June the team knew there was going to be mud, mud and lots of mud. 

They were right!  On parts of the 10 mile course it was 12 inches deep, or knee height for wading. The plan had been to complete 5 or 6 laps of the course but the mud had other ideas. 

Nathan managed 3 laps, his fastest time of 1 hour 50 minutes was a good 40 minutes slower than expected but his fastest lap of the event.  60% to 70% of the race was not cycling but pushing, with the logic that if it was faster to walk/run than to pedal then conserving energy could only be sensible to last the 24 hours. The course was punishing, exhausting but extremely addictive, Nathan did briefly consider doing a fourth lap...  Even with mechanical failures and the longer lap times, team Wheelie Tyred were placed 87th out of 180 in their category, not bad for a first attempt!

Part of team 'Wheelie Tyred' with members from @CAClase were Simon Bush, Simon Thorn and Owen Reeve.  The fantastic pit crew were Justin Eccott, Helen White, Kath Reeve & Andy. The team were raising money for Cancer Research UK in memory of Nathan's cousin Helen Onions who sadly died last December aged just 32. .

Looking forward to next year's race already! It can only get easier.... hmmmm  

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