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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Dometic Generators - Enjoy the freedom of power

Dometic generators are ideal for powering your equipment, business tools or vehicle accessories such as Air Conditioners when you are away from a mains hook-up. They can be installed under the floor or in an external storage compartment and are easily operated from a remote panel inside the vehicle.
Great performance for professional demand
With Dometic generators you can even run several appliances at the same time, on the road as well as on the campsite. They will supply your microwave, toaster, power tools, emergency and office equipment. You’ll experience perfect craftmanship - manufactured under the ISO 9001 standards - accompanied by superior performance and easy operation.

Innovative technology for your comfort
Our generators come standard with a remote control board, an extension cable, fixing brackets, an automatic change-over relay and are fitted with electronic ignition, electrical starter and automatic low oil cut-off. A wide range of accessories is available (like petrol tanks, exhaust extensions and silencers).

Improve your power – with Dometic Generators

A wide range of accessories like exhaust extensions and silencers allow the generator to be adapted perfectly to every professional demand.

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