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Mon, Aug 7th 2017

Five Reasons to Get Mobile Satellite Internet

It’s getting increasingly important for people to have consistent and reliable Internet access while they’re on the road. You may be a professional in need of a high-quality connection, or just the type of person who likes to keep in touch with the world while you’re away on holiday. That’s why here at Conrad Anderson we provide quality mobile satellite Internet for caravans and other vehicles. 

Mobile satellite Internet is used by many high-profile companies including broadcasters, emergency services providers, and other blue-chip companies. But why is it such a popular addition to vehicles and why is it worth considering by those who aren’t working? Below are just a few of the reasons why you should consider getting mobile satellite Internet for your caravan:

Full European coverage

If you’re travelling abroad it’s not unreasonable to wonder whether your coverage will last. The Oyster mobile satellite broadband system can obtain coverage across most of Central and Northern Europe with absolutely no degradation of signal thanks to its satellite’s automatic skew. With an Oyster system installed on your motor home you’re guaranteed quality Internet access whether you’re near Paris or Pisa. 


While having mobile satellite broadband coverage in your RV is all well and good, speed is a different matter. The quality of the connection can often be a crucial factor for more professional users who rely on fast interaction with the outside world to get by. Handily, Oyster’s broadband can achieve speeds of up to 10MB/ps. 

Versatile solutions

One of the most important things to recognise about mobile satellite broadband is that everyone’s needs are different. That’s why there are a variety of data plans and ISPs to suit your individual need. You can also have vehicle or ground mounted satellites, or temporary solutions such as the Wi Connect Touring Wifi Booster

Easy to install

Once you receive your caravan satellite kit, there’s no risk of you finding it difficult to get going. While we offer a high-quality installation service in the cost of all our mobile satellite internet here at Conrad Anderson, many mobile satellite Internet solutions are extremely easy to install alone. Our portable satellite broadband system requires no vehicle mounting or any highly trained personnel – all you have to do is connect it up and press go. 

Full tech support and back up

If anything goes wrong with your mobile satellite broadband, you need accurate information and advice to get your connection going again with as little disruption as possible. Here at Conrad Anderson, we offer full support and training for our products, along with great customer service and tech support post-purchase. Some of our systems also come with have 3G and 4G back-up systems designed to operate in the event of harsh conditions. 

Get in touch

Here at Conrad Anderson we are confident that our range of mobile satellite Internet products will help you stay connected. If you would like to learn more about our range or if you would like a bespoke consultation with us to discuss your individual requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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